ESI Registration

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Overview of ESI Registration Registration in India.

List of Documents Required for ESI Registration in India.

  • A registration certificate obtained either under the:
  •        Factories Act, or
  •        Shops and Establishment Act.
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership deed
  • MOA and AOA of the company
  • List of employees working in the organization
  • PAN Card of the entity
  • PAN Card details of all employees
  • Compensation details of the employees
  • A cancelled cheque of the Bank Account of the Company
  • Register containing the attendance of the employees
  • List of directors and shareholders of the company
Process of Obtaining a ESI Registration in India.

Step 1: Share the required documents & Information

Step 2: Creating the login details of company

Step 3: Filings the registration forms

Step 4: Payment and receiving the certificate

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