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 Overview of Online One Person Company Registration in India.

A single person or member company is called a One Person Company. It is a corporation classified for all legal purposes as Private Company. One person company has a great impact on the development of the nation and the economy. Young, creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are provided with many opportunities by forming a one person company. As per the Company Act 201, a one person company can be incorporated only by a person who is a resident of India - Born Indian.
It is also worth mentioning that a person cannot incorporate more than five one person companies at the same time. Once the turnover of a one person company increases Rs. 2 crore, it has to be converted into Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company within six months.

  Why should you go for One Person Company Registration in India?

 List of Documents Required for Registration of a  One Person Company (OPC) in India.

Basic Requirement

• 1 shareholders

• At least 2 Directors - Maximum of 15

• At least 1 Nominee

• Directors and shareholders can be the same person

• An address which acts as a registered address of the company

Documents Requirement

For Each Director and shareholder

1. PAN card* (Mandatory for Indians & others if held)

2. Passport* (for NRI, Foreigners, and Indians if held)

3. Address proof (any 1 of) (Not more than 2 months old)

  a. Bank Statement

  b. Phone Bill

  c. Mobile Bill

  d. Electricity Bill

(Note - For NRI & Foreigners Documents issued by foreign authorities or signed outside India must be notarized & apostille)

For Registered Address

  1. NOC from Owner*

  2. Rent Agreement*

  3. Utility Bill*

Fees for One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India?  

 Time required for One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India?  

 Process of establishing a One Person Company (OPC) in India.

Once the founders of the company finalize on the name of the company. Then the process of incorporation of One Person Company starts as below (Note: Name of the company can be different from the brand name, it is not mandatory to have same brand name as a company name)

Step 1: Application for DSC (Digital signature certificate) and DIN (Directors Identification Number)
Step 2: Apply for the Name reservation
Step 3: Drafting & filing MOA & AOA to register the One Person company
Step 4: Apply for the PAN and TAN of the company
Step 5: Issue Certificate of Incorporation along with PAN and TAN of the company
 Difference between One Person Company (OPC) and Private Limited Company.

 Frequently Asked Questions on One Person Company (OPC)

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the registration of an OPC company can only be done by Indian residents and and that, too, only one at a time.
All these companies must keep accounting books, comply with statutory audit requirements, and submit income tax returns and annual filings to the RoC.
In India, a flat rate of30% is levied on an OPC and it does not enjoy any tax benefits
No, only a person who is Indian Citizen or resident is eligible to register an OPC.
No, FDI is not allowed for an OPC in India.
In India, the process of OPC registration usually involves a period of 7 working days

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