Labour Law Compliance Calendar (For August 2021)

ESI & PF Calendar helps every registered business and professionals to be well prepared for compliance in advance. ESI & PF dates are important for every taxpayer under the ESI & PF Act, so that prescribed forms under the ESI & PF Act can be filed to avoid imposing any interest or late fees.
our easy ESI & PF calendar can remind you when to pay tax and file your ESI & PF return.

Due Dates
Applicable Laws/Acts
Nature of Compliance


EPF (The Employees Provident Funds And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952)


Due Date for payment of Provident fund contribution.


ESIC (Employees State Insurance Act, 1948)

ESI Challan

Due Date for payment of ESI contribution.

As per State RulesProfessional TaxPTProfessional Tax Compliance
As per State RulesLabour Welfare Fund ActLWFLabour Welfare Fund

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