80G & 12A Registration

An NGO & 80G can apply for 12A for tax exception on a surplus fund of the NGO as well can obtain 80G certification for donor’s tax exception.

It is a registration done by NGO to get an organization income exempted from Tax. All income shall not be taxable after 12A registration. If NGO does not get 12A registration, income tax is payable on surplus during the year.

Advantages of 80G & 12A Registration

  • Under Section 12A
  • Income will be exempted from taxation.
  • Benefits of taking grants from Government, Abroad, other agencies.
  • Benefits of FCRA Registration.
  • Under Section 80G
  • The donor can avail deduction from its taxable income.
  • Attracts the donor to make a donation.

Eligibility of 80G & 12A Registration 

  • Under Section 12A
  • Charitable Trusts, Religious Trusts, Societies and Section 8 Companies Not applicable to the Private or family Trust.
  • Under Section 80G
  • Donation made to charities prescribed under category 80G.
  • The NGO shall be duly registered under the Act.

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